Thursday, 2 July 2015

Dr Ola Engdahl participated in the governmental inquiry "Criminal Law Provisions to Prevent Terrorism Travels"

Dr. Ola Engdahl, Associate Professor at the International Law Centre, has participated as an expert in international law in the governmental inquiry Straffrättsliga åtgärder mot terrorismresor ("criminal law provisions to prevent terrorism travels").  The inquiry handed its report to the Department of Justice on 17 June 2015. 

The task of the inquiry was to analyse if Sweden lives up to its obligations under United Nations Security Council Resolution 2178 (2014) to have in place criminal law provisions to prevent and combat terrorism. The inquiry also looked at determining whether Swedish criminal law met the obligations set out by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in combatting and preventing the financing of terrorism. 

The inquiry recommended, among other things, a new penal provision for terrorist travel in rekryteringslagen ("the Recruitment Act"). Under the new provision, it will be possible to sentence individuals who travel to a State other than their State of nationality with the intention of committing or preparing particularly serious crime or providing or receiving training for particular criminal activity, which includes terrorist offences. In other words, the travel with such intentions will become punishable. The inquiry also recommended that it will be punishable to receive terrorist training.  

The inquiry has received new directives from the Swedish government. Its tasks now include investigating the needs for further criminalisation to prevent and combat persons participating in armed conflicts in another State within the framework of a terrorist organisation. The findings shall be reported 23 June 2016.